Brand new cafe in Medical / Commercial Precinct in Gledswood Hills

Brand new cafe in Medical / Commercial Precinct in Gledswood Hills

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Brand new cafe in Medical / Commercial Precinct in Gledswood Hills



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The Holy Ground cafe brand has a loyal following in the Macarthur region, with 2 cafes trading well. The company has recently opened a cafe in the new medical and commercial precinct in the Gledswood Hills commercial region. This is a new development and is the only cafe within the immediate precinct. This area is poised for growth - with a new hospital due to open in 2024, as well as a day care directly across the road. The cafe has been designed to make the most out of the opportunities by offering catering to the nearby businesses, and having the internal capacity to hold a liquor licence with external seating. There will also be the opportunity to trade late and make the most out of the surrounding businesses. This will be sold as a business under a new name. This could also suit people with experience, or those who are looking for a business as their first venture.

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  • Ensure the seller is 100% verified by us
  • Can you afford it? Do you need financing to assist with the purchase?
  • Have you done enough research - industry analysis, competitors, revenue and so on
  • Ask the seller some questions - reasons behind the sale, will they be providing customer/supplier databases, what assets other than the physical business will be including (marketing materials etc), are their tax records and financial statements up to date and verified etc
  • Make sure it’s the right business for you!
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Another thing to look out for is non-solicit provisions. If a seller has this clause in their NDA, you are prohibited from soliciting any of their clients or employees for yourself or your company for around 1-2 years.

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