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- Catering

- Convenience Store

- Restaurant

- Takeaway Food

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Key Strengths:
Huge growth potential
Minimal competitors in the area
Highly adaptable business model

About the business

Choice Sushi is committed to delivering a great experience for its customers whilst serving mouth-watering food. The offering is large, providing customers with an array of choices from hand rolls, sashimi, hot main meals, and deluxe sushi train items! There is something everyone will love. 

Why Choice Sushi is the Perfect Business Opportunity for you:

When you join the Choice Sushi family, you are joining a team who is committed to making a great customer experience through serving delicious fast food that is made from locally sourced ingredients. With ongoing support from on the ground and a dedicated office support team, Choice Sushi sets up franchise partners for success.

Choice Sushi has a competitive level of entry relative to the industry, and simple operation which makes it an incredibly competitive franchise opportunity! 

Plus, with a dedicated team behind you, they’ll ensure you find the right store type (kiosk set up, or shopfront with in-house seating) that matches your capacity, ambitions and lifestyle. 

What Choice Sushi is looking for in a franchise partner? 

Choice Sushi doesn't want just anybody – they want to work with like-minded individuals passionate about creating mouth-watering, high-quality, fast food with great customer service. 

Choice Sushi is an exciting business to be a part of. With success in the marketplace that doesn’t seem to be stopping at any time, they are seeking partners to join an ambitious and collaborative family with opportunities in Greater Sydney Metro and Canberra. 


Are you ready to join the Choice Sushi family? 

Be part of the family!

This is a chance to be part of something different in the fast food sector, with a focus on welcoming guests into your store like you were welcoming family into your home.

Utilise your food and service experience

Their ideal franchise partners need to have a solid background in either the food or service industry - or even better, both! 

Be aligned with the Choice Sushi culture

The best Choice Sushi franchise partners must not only be ambitious, resilient and goal-oriented, but also passionate about providing mouth-watering, fresh and great experiences with every customer served. And have a willingness to share Choice Sushi’s vision and develop the brand into a household name.

Key Features of the Business:

  • Diverse menu offerings
  • Commitment to using locally sourced ingredients 
  • Supportive franchise model 
  • Flexibility in set-up options (Choose a kiosk or a shopfront format)
  • Competitive positioning within the quick service sector 

If you are keen to take the Choice Sushi experience to your community, submit an enquiry and our team will reach out to you for the next steps!

Buying Advice

Before making an offer

Buying a business is a big deal! It can open up a new chapter in your life, expand your growing business base or fulfill that dream you’ve always had. So before you make that offer, there’s a few things you should consider to determine whether or not this business is right for you. In a nutshell these include:

  • Ensure the seller is 100% verified by us
  • Can you afford it? Do you need financing to assist with the purchase?
  • Have you done enough research - industry analysis, competitors, revenue and so on
  • Ask the seller some questions - reasons behind the sale, will they be providing customer/supplier databases, what assets other than the physical business will be including (marketing materials etc), are their tax records and financial statements up to date and verified etc
  • Make sure it’s the right business for you!
About NDAs & other legal requirements

In a nutshell, a business owner will ask you to sign an NDA before a deal can commence. This allows the business owner to keep certain information confidential, including client lists, employee information, intellectual property, trade secrets, pricing structures and so on, in case a deal cannot be met. Typically, NDAs are often mutual - meaning, just as you're agreeing to keeping the seller's business information confidential, the seller must also offer that same level of confidentiality to keep your information private.

Another thing to look out for is non-solicit provisions. If a seller has this clause in their NDA, you are prohibited from soliciting any of their clients or employees for yourself or your company for around 1-2 years.

How to complete a transaction

Once you have submitted an enquiry to the seller, the seller can invite you to view confidential information about the listing after signing an NDA in order to conduct your due diligence. Once satisfied, you can make an offer directly to the seller in the Deal Room where a transaction can be done. Here you can also invite any advisors, brokers or lawyers you may have to help make the deal happen. You can even enlist Eden’s personal network of buying professionals to assist you with the entire buying process.

From start to finish, the entire business transaction can be done through the Eden Exchange platform.

Need finance support?

We offer tailored financing options that work for you to get the deal done.


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