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Eden Exchange Elevates Advertising Offerings Through Acquisition Of Franchise New Zealand

user imageEden Exchange
February 16, 2024

Eden Exchange is proud to announce our purchase of Franchise New Zealand media, extending our reach into New Zealand’s franchising sector. As digital deal makers, we are always looking for ways to better service franchising sectors, and by acquiring Franchise New Zealand media we will be able to support New Zealand franchise networks in achieving their growth targets.

Speaking about the acquisition, Raghu Rajakumar, Eden Exchange’s Founder/CEO, said, “Eden Exchange has supported countless Australian franchising networks’ efforts to expand and refine their efforts, and the move into New Zealand was a natural extension of our work. Franchise New Zealand has been a prominent voice in the sector for over 30 years, and we look forward to providing enhanced support to New Zealand franchise networks, and helping people understand the franchising opportunities that are available within the industry. We were able to lean on our own platform, DealXchange, as well as our comprehensive ecosystem of business experts, to help make this deal happen.” 

Simon Lord, the founder of Franchise New Zealand media, echoed Raghu’s thoughts, saying, “Eden Exchange is already heavily involved in the franchise sector in Australia, and is a great fit with our existing business. Franchise New Zealand focuses on promoting franchising, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise model, and educating potential buyers about what is available and what to look for.” 

“Eden Exchange continues that process at the next level, bringing together franchise buyers, re-sellers, franchisors and brokers in a way that streamlines the process without taking away that all-important human element. We’re looking forward to learning from each other and enhancing our services under the new ownership.”

Eden Exchange is currently working with Franchise New Zealand’s media team to ensure a smooth handover of their magazine and media channels. The next issue of Franchise New Zealand digital and print magazine is set to be published on 28 March, featuring pieces on: Back to work; Starting up made easy; and Embracing sustainability. Our team will be attending the next Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ) Twilight Session in Auckland on 21 February, meeting with key stakeholders within the New Zealand franchising sector.

Want to know more about how you can feature in Franchise New ZealandContact the team at Eden Exchange today to find out more.