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The Benefits Of Buying A QSR Franchise

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August 17, 2023

A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise can be incredibly rewarding for anyone who wants to run a hospitality or food service business. Customers are always looking for fast, convenient and tasty food options, so it is a lucrative market.

Whether you already know you want to buy into a hospitality franchise or are still researching, we’ve gathered a few of the benefits of a QSR franchise below to help you see the bigger picture. Take a look now to find out more.

What is a QSR Franchise?

A QSR or a Quick Service Restaurant franchise is a franchise opportunity within a chain that offers fast and convenient food. Some examples of well-known QSR franchises include McDonald’s, Subway, Hungry Jacks, and Red Rooster.

Buying into a QSR franchise means that you basically buy the rights to use said franchisor's trademark, business model, and services. To buy in, you pay an initial franchise fee and continue to pay royalties or a percentage of sales to the franchisor from then on.

What is an FSR Franchise?

You may have encountered FSR franchises, too, when looking into food service franchises. An FSR franchise, or a Full Service Restaurant franchise, differs from a QSR franchise in a few ways.

To begin with, an FSR offers the whole experience, including dining in, a full menu, waitstaff, and more. FSR franchises can cater to many different client bases. They can be relaxed and leisurely or more upscale. Often, they focus on one specific cuisine, like Mexican, Italian, or a steakhouse.

Examples of FSR franchises in Australia include Outback Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Shop, Nando’s, and The Pancake Parlour.

What are the Benefits of Buying a QSR Franchise?

Buying into a QSR franchise can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity for you. If you want to try running a business, this is the perfect way to do it. Take a look below at the advantages of trying it out.

#1 An Established Brand

When you buy into a franchise, you buy into an existing brand. This means that you’ve already got the client base ready and waiting. Chances are that if you’re buying into a QSR franchise, it will also be pretty well-known.

The benefit is that you’re unlikely to need to put much effort into building a customer base in the initial stages. This reduces the time, effort, and money required to build brand awareness and gives you more time to perfect services and offer high-quality products.

#2 Existing Support

On top of an already-established customer base, you also have existing support from the franchise itself. Franchisors will often have established and comprehensive training available for their franchisees. This means that when you have new staff members to train, guides and procedures are already in place.

Additionally, if you ever need help with anything, from marketing to inventory management, you can reach out to your franchisor for support.

#3 Access to Supply Chain

When new businesses start up, they have to get a plan in place for where they’re going to source all of their materials or ingredients. For a franchisee, this is already done for you. An established franchise will already have a supply chain in place and can help you negotiate with suppliers if necessary.

You will have a steady and reliable flow of products into your business from the beginning, meaning you don’t need to spend time and effort sourcing supplies.

#4 Potential for Growth

QSR franchises are ready-made for growth. If you’re opening your franchise in a new region, then there is the opportunity to develop further franchises in the area if the locals like the brand. And even for places where the franchise already has a foothold, there isn’t a limit to the growth you can expect. Franchising is full of opportunities, from moving to bigger premises to taking charge of a new location.

In addition, due to the nature of the work in QSR franchises, it doesn’t require much highly-skilled labour. Finding new employees to work in new locations shouldn’t be too difficult.

#5 Proven Business Model

One of the reasons that franchises are so popular and successful is that the business model has been proven to work over and over. Franchisors have spent much time getting the business model right by streamlining operations and optimising their product offerings. This means you’re buying into something with proven and demonstrable success.

Unlike when starting your own business, there is minimal risk that this business model won’t work out. You avoid any trial and error that would come with establishing a new food venue in your local area and can get going immediately.

#6 Established Marketing Strategy

Marketing is something people either love or hate. If you hate it and are considering buying a QSR franchise, you’re in luck! With franchises, the marketing strategy is already in place. This means you won’t spend hours pouring over logos, brand colours and more.

You don’t need to build a client base because you already have one, and most franchises have dedicated marketing departments that take care of all the national and regional marketing required.

Except for putting up a few posters now and again, you’re unlikely to have to do much in the way of marketing when you buy into a QSR franchise.

#7 Exit Strategy

Lastly, when you start your own business, you must devise your exit strategy, meaning you must work out how and when you will sell or dissolve your business when the time comes.

For those who own a franchise, the likelihood is that when it comes time to move on, someone will be available to snap up your franchise quickly. Due to the brand recognition that comes with franchising, you can command a higher resale value.

Most franchises have franchisee contracts too. These can dictate the length of your ownership, giving you an easy out. If you’re using franchising as a stepping stone to owning your own business, it’s pretty easy to leave, provided someone can take over your spot.

Is a QSR Franchise Right For Me?

So, is buying into a QSR franchise the right choice for you?

As with all business transactions, the final vote comes down to you. It is an entirely personal choice, but some things make owning a franchise the right choice for you. These are as follows:

  • You want to try your hand at business ownership: One of the many advantages of franchise ownership is that you can run a business day-to-day, but you take on less risk than if you were to start your own business.
  • You want support while running your business: Franchises offer much help, but if you don’t like to be told what to do, franchise ownership might not be for you. You don’t often have the chance to develop your own products or develop your own marketing ideas.
  • You have the funds available: Something people rarely think about when considering opening a business is the cost of doing so. To buy into a franchise, you’re going to need capital. If you don’t have it yet, then franchising isn’t right for you at the moment.
  • You love customer service: If you don’t like customer service, then a QSR franchise is not a good choice. You will be interacting with customers daily, resolving issues, and serving people, so this probably isn’t the best choice if you're not a people person.

Final Thoughts

A QSR franchise is an excellent franchising opportunity. Its advantages include access to an established supply chain, intrinsic support, and growth opportunities. Buying a QSR franchise might be right for you if you want to run your own business but like having an established support network.

Franchising is a big step, so make sure you weigh the decision properly and seek advice from those around you. If you want to buy into a QSR franchise in Australia, then Eden Exchange can help. Our innovative platform has thousands of active listings for various QSR franchises famous in Australia. From Red Rooster to Subway, you can quickly get your hands on a QSR franchise when you choose us.

Our platform also provides everything you will need to complete the business transaction. It is a one-stop shop for buying and selling businesses. For more information, feel free to contact our customer support team. Ready to get started? Contact us now!

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